In 2022, the life of every Ukrainian was turned upside down. Many people died. War came to Ukraine. Our brotherly big neighbor Russia mercilessly attacked my native country, and for the past 3 years, every day, evening, and night, it has been cowardly launching rockets.


For the past 2 years, I have been a resident of the USA. This country gave me a roof over my head, salvation, the opportunity to live. Cool people live here; this country, like all its mechanisms, is aimed at people living here, not just surviving. Everything here is created for people and for the sake of people!


I adore America, I adore its endless boundaries. I've had shoots in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, covered a huge distance by car from Florida to Kansas City and back. I've been to Cleveland, Dallas. And I live in sunny Miami.


But a special place in my heart is reserved for New York. This city is so beautiful for me that I can't put it into words. As a director, cinematographer, artist, I love its endless tall buildings; I simply worship the Loft style, rivets, metal structures. This city is my reflection, and of course, I will definitely live there.

So far, I've been flying there for shoots, walking a lot, and shooting with a film camera.


This is my first trip, and it's very special to me. I'm sharing this modest photo archive with you. Unfortunately, I haven't found my laboratory yet that would meet my needs,

and the photos look very dark, but I decided not to do anything with them.


Enjoy watching.



Olympus MJU2