Kostya, I’ve watched this video, probably, 100 times and I fall in love each time more and more! Background is really perfect! That’s what I love so much! These emotions...
Thank you for making my dream come true!!!





This is a bombshell! Thank you for your job! The whole family watched the video yesterday and everyone was crying.We are so happy. It is very talentedly executed, the music, the transitions. We are delighted. Thank you for giving us exactly what we wanted and even beyond.




Kostya, I am writing this review exactly right after watching our wedding film.
What a masterpiece, this video is incredible. We’ve watched it through tears in our eyes, we laughed and felt embarrassment at the same time.
We’ve watched it in one breath. I want to watch it again and again, we are delighted!!!
Thank you for being such a professional, for your time and efforts.
It’s high-quality shooting, the movie was very well edited, the music was perfectly matched, transitions, the most touching moments were captured.
Everything has a top quality. It's was such pleasure to deal with you .
You are unreal, very cool guys, professionals in their field!!!! We can’t thank you enough for our beautiful wedding video that will keep the happiest day of our lives for ever!!!
We wish you good luck in all your future endeavors!



Kostya is the greatest professional in his field! This person devotes himself so much, so you instantly jealous and as weird as it may sounds, you want to appear in his shoes. During the filming process of our music video, we felt a real movie atmosphere. He is a person who is present in each millimeter of your celebration and who is able to create a real masterpiece!



Hello. I gotta tell you, Kostya is something. From the very first seconds of the video i’ve started sobbing, I couldn’t even imagine that it is possible to depict all emotions and feelings in such a beautiful way. Thank you and your team so much for your talent and professionalism, you are unbelievable, really!



Hello Kostya) We were only able to watch our movie yesterday. To be honest, when I saw it’s 22 minutes, I was a bit surprised and upset. But yesterday I understood everything)) Thank you so so much! You are a true professional in your field! As Valyushka said, it's 22 minutes of bliss!!)) Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Hello! Our Monday morning has begun with an incredible pleasure, thank you very much!)) All the moments and tiny details are all collected together. The excellence of your work made us feel all emotions again)))We haven’t regret ones. You are a wonderful person and a true professional! We’ve enjoyed watching your creation! We wish you a delightful season and tons of great emotions!



I can watch it endless amount of times! The music fits our story perfectly. I get goosebumps every time watching it.



Thank you for the experience,for your work and soul that you’ve invested in our most intimate day, which will remain the most vivid memory thanks to you!
It was just incredible, so talented and extremely beautiful
You are a gem! Seems like I watch a real movie!
I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are such a professional!
I wish you prosperity and feel passion for the things you create! And you have it, so let everything multiply.




The video left me with goosebumps. Having tears of happiness in my eyes. We are delighted, extremely satisfied, emotions, style, I'm getting used to the music so far) everything is as I imagined. Kostya Is in the best.




We’ve been watching our wedding video whole night . And I would like to express my gratitude, movie turned out excellent. We’ve already discussed multiple times how lucky we are to find such an amazing pro as you are.