Let me introduce myself, 
I am Konstantin Nekrasov- director, photographer, cameraman and a screenwriter, fanatically and passionately devoted to the job I do. The camera is an extension of my hand,that’s why I don’t use tripod. I like to do things with an ease, as they say, the devil is in the details, so you can just miss the most important thing  by wearing extra. I am keen on dynamics and emotions.
With a pleasure and friendly approach my team and I will capture your special day.



More extra equipment equals less flexibility. My rule of thumb is to use arms only in the middle of action. 



  My approach is the simplicity. I always help, even most restrained and quite passive personalities, feel as great as possible during filming. I used to be touring artist and an event entertainer. Also I have an experience of helping hosts to make an event as active, sincere and fantastic as possible. I always try to direct, whisper, make hints so no one even noticed. I see the world "cinematically", I really love dubbing and I always learn from my favorite Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino to create things right. My clients, who became a good friends of mine, once told me : “You can shoot the wedding using a shoe and it will be perfect!” Which means I try to think out of the box even in a critical situation. People and their emotions are extremely important to me and in case of mutual trust i will be 300 percent devoted.